end of vacation

Picture from Croatia

Last three weeks I spent in Croatia, practising windsurfing, in one of the best place in Europe. As usually the weather in Orebic did not let us down. All time temperature above 30 degree centigrades with Mistral blowing each afternoon. Just paradise for windsurfers :). After such vacation it is not so easy to come back to daily routine.

Peljesac channel is placed between Peljesac penisula and Korcula island (the best sunny island in Croatia). All day from the morning to sunset the wind is blowing, from the morning Yugo (average wind energy 2-3B, perfect for beginners), from 1PM the direction of wind is changing and Mistral starts blowing (4-5B). We had 2 days with 6B, just hardcore with 5-meter sails ;).

If you want to look at pictures from Orebic, please go to pol33 website.

Coming back to the main subject of my blog, I will prepare a new technical post according Huawei’s devices soon. Let’s be in touch.


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