Huawei certification

Is it worth to pass Huawei certification exams?

Maybe some of you will say “yes, it is”.

Maybe some of you will be sceptical.

For those who want to know more about Huawei certification I am sending a link to official Huawei website.

For those who want to read more news about Huawei certification I can recommend an interview by IT Certification Master.

What is your opinion about Huawei certification? Have you had any experience with Huawei certification track?

Be invited to express your opinion. Any comments are appreciated.

For sure it is worth to talk :)


6 thoughts on “Huawei certification

  1. Mirek Burnejko

    Thank you Mariusz for the link to my site. I was spoken with Phoenix today. The Huawei website was updated. They will add in next week information about HCIE and later information about new certifacations.

  2. labnario Post author


    I found your website looking for information about Huawei certification. Then I saw your post on Polish CCIE forum. It has not been easy to find any confirmed information about the new Huawei certification. Hope your interview with Phoenix will be helpful for people looking for such information. I am waiting for HCIE information because it has not been possible to pass this exam outside China. Hope it has been changed. Thanks for you info.

  3. ridwan

    Yay, I have already pass the HCDA exam last year. It is harder than another exam, because it uses multiple answer(s) without any information how much we need to select the answer(s).

  4. labnario Post author

    Thanks for your feedback. I hope Huawei will work on it to make exams more user friendly. As I know they have focused on certification since last year. There are 2 tracks available now, carrier and enterprise, but still not so many information in internet. It should be better soon because there are some certified training partners ready to provide trainings and promote Huawei’s certification. Of course I invite for reading my blog, as more advanced topics will be published in the future :)

  5. M Tanveer

    Hi, I am preparing for Huawei HCDA Exam. Your BLOG is very enrich about huawei IP Networks. I help me a lot. thanks for your Time for public.


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