EURO CUP in Poland

It can be noticed that my activity on the blog is limited this time. It is related to Euro Cup in Poland. It is a very busy time in my company and watching football matches is of course time consuming. But we have to survive!

Comparing to other groups, our group seems to be the easiest: Poland, Greece, Czech Republic and Russia. After the first match with Greece (1:1) we had to win with Russia. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately) this match also ended in a draw 1:1. And like usually the last match with Czech Republic will be the most important. To go to quarter-final we have to beat Czech Republic. I hope, with our support, it will end with success.

I would like to apologise Russian Supporters for this small group of stupid people, who were provoking you before and after the match, initiating brawls. I hope each of you remember Euro Cup in Poland as a good time, full of football excitements, not street fighting of the dregs of society.

Good luck!

Anyway I will try to prepare a new post ASAP.


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