fleeting look on huawei documentation

I am often asked about Huawei’s books, training materials, documentation etc. Unfortunately I have not found any useful training books in the internet, and what’s more, I have found no books!!! One of the ways, for those who want to get a deep knowledge about Huawei’s devices, is to buy official certification books from Huawei or its partners or buy official training. The second way, for those, who do not have a possibility to do this, is to register on support.huawei.com website and download manuals for specific devices. As a register user you will have access to all equipment’s documentation, both in PDF and in HDX formats. To open HDX files you have to upgrade your support account and install HedExLite application. You can do this if you are Huawei’s client or Huawei’s partner. You can find HedExLite on the main page of Huawei’s support website.

Navigating Huawei documentation on support website

Let’s look how to download product manuals from the support website:

1. Go to support.huawei.com.

huawei support website

2. Register your account.

3. Log into the website. You will be asked for upgrading your account. You don’t have to do it, keep it as common user.

huawei support website - logged in

4. Then you can find documentation you are interested in. You can do it by navigating product catalogue.

5. Download the requested manual.

Let’s find manuals for AR2200 router with V200R001C00 software version.

huawei website navigation catalogueIn the red rounded rectangles I marked 2 important information on this page. The first one tells you where you are at that moment. The second one lets you to choose what kind of files you can download. As I mentioned earlier, you can find PDF and HDX files. If you find the file in question, than you can download it by clicking “Download” button in the second column.

Huawei HedEXLite

You must be a Huawei’s client or Huawei’s partner to download HedExLite application from Huawei’s support website. When you are this lucky man that you already has had HedExLite application, I will show you how to use it, to not waste time exploring Huawei’s support website, to find any documentation.

Home page of HedExLite application shows a library name, product version and library version of HDX documents you already have downloaded from support website.

huawei HedExLiteTo open necessary manual, just click on interesting file in the library. Then you will be moved to the content of the manual.

huawei hedex contentNavigating of this document is very simple and foreseeable and is omitted here.

How to upgrade HedEx libraries?

Just click on “Upgrade Library” button. Then you have 2 choices:

  1. Upgrade libraries – it searches support website for a new library versions for HDX files you already have downloaded.
  2. Online query – lets you to search a library for a specific device and software version.

Upgrade Huawei HedExLite Libraries

Upgrade Hedex libraryThen HedExLite is connecting with support website and searching for the newest libraries.

Huawei HedExLite is searching for a new libraryThen you will see the newest version of libraries. When you give your confirmation, these files will be downloaded automatically.

Hedex downloading librariesHuawei HedExLite Online Query

Let’s assume that we are looking for a manual for AR2200 with V200R001C00 software version, this time HDX file.

Just click “Online query” button and fill necessary fields.

Huawei hedex online queryAs you can see HedExLite has found all libraries for AR2200 router with V200R001C00 software version. You can choose the newest one and download it. After download you will be able to see and open this file on HedExLite home page.

Additionally on “Admin” page you can load HDX files, directly downloaded from support website, not by HedExLite, and load local folders (from your hard disc), which contain non-HDX files, such as PDF, HTML, Word, Excel, PPT, TXT and ZIP. Then these files can be viewed and navigated from HedExLite application. On this page you can also manage HedExLite libraries, I mean you can delete unnecessary files.

Huawei HedExLite admin pageI hope it is informative for you. Please be invited to comment this post.


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