huawei enterprise network simulator

Huawei, to meet your expectations, recently announced the launch of an enterprise network simulation platform eNSP for ICT practitioners. This information you can find at official Huawei website.

To be honest, I have not tested it yet. If I find time I will do it this week. I have already installed this simulator on my notebook and it looks promising. We can build a network based on AR1200 routers and enterprise switches.

The only think you have to do is to register at Huawei website, download and install the simulator.

I forgot to mention that this simulator is completely for free.

To make it easy for you, below you can find a direct link to the Huawei eNSP:


Please feedback your comments if you test it. I would like to know your opinion.



5 thoughts on “huawei enterprise network simulator

  1. mschedrin

    Fantastic! It works and it doesn’t look like a cheap chineese “plastic”. Do you know if it runs real VRP with hardware emulation or is it just emulate serveral commonly used commands?
    I could not make lldp work between two s5700 switches.

  2. labnario Post author

    It seems to be real VRP and simulates AR1200 router, S3700 and S5700 switches. Not all commands are available but they are working on it to make it as similar as possible to real devices. Which functions are supported you can find opening eNSP and pressing F1 (help).

  3. labnario Post author

    it is enough to register on this site giving your real email address. As a logged user you will be able to download this simulator. This simulator is for free for everyone.


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