from Huawei command line – “debugging …”

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To enable system debugging functions on Huawei’s device:

<labnario>debugging ?
  acl4                    ACL4 module
  acl6                    ACL6 module
  anti-attack             Specify anti-attack configurations
  application-apperceive  Set application-apperceive information
  arp                     ARP module
  arp-ping                ARP-ping
  arp-proxy               Arp proxy debugging functions
  atm                     ATM module
  bfd                     BFD module
  bgp                     BGP protocol
  bridge                  Bridge
  ce-ping                 Enable ce-ping debugging
  cfm                     CFM module
  cluster                 Cluster module
<labnario>debugging ip icmp

To send debugging information to terminal:

<labnario>terminal monitor
Info: Current terminal monitor is on.
<labnario>terminal debugging
Info: Current terminal debugging is on.

To display which debugging functions are enabled:

<labnario>display debugging
IP icmp debugging is on

6 thoughts on “from Huawei command line – “debugging …”

  1. Nilesh Kahar

    Thanks Labnario.
    I am collecting all these docs for my reference library. Since not much Huawei docs / tips & tricks available on Internet these are much useful.



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