huawei eNSP – news

New year, a new version of Huawei Network Simulation Platform eNSP has been released.

You can download it clicking on the below link:

eNSP Huawei Network Simulation Platform


2 thoughts on “huawei eNSP – news

  1. mschedrin

    I found it.
    1. Improved memory usage and performance(Win7 only)
    2. Enable dragging tabs in merged CLI window
    3. Add the function playing the multicast video to the right click menu of Laptop and Multicast Source
    4. Create new directory for topo and device configuration files
    5. Improved the error messages
    1. Fixed the bug of loop while restarting device and restoring the smartlink configuration
    2. Fixed the bug of content missing in CLI log files
    3. Fixed the bug of configuration files overwriting in overwrite installation


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