huawei eNSP – news

We have waited for a new version of Huawei eNSP simulator since February 1st, 2013.

And we have finally got it.

Quite new and fresh V100R002C00B110 version.

New look … new devices … new connections …

Huawei eNSP simulatorPossibility to add interface cards in a graphic way …

Huawei eNSP simulator - router viewOne button to open all command lines …

New features supported: NAT, firewall, IPSec, SSLVPN etc.

Just click on the first picture and download it.



11 thoughts on “huawei eNSP – news

  1. labnario Post author

    It is required to open eNSP as administrator. Just right click on the eNSP and “Run as Administrator”. Otherwise you will have problem to start AR routers.

    1. labnario Post author

      If you have any experiences (suggestions) that can help another readers to deal with the eNSP, do not hesitate to publish them in comments. New eNSP can bring new problems. I am going to start testing it next week. But it looks promising.

  2. gato

    I can´t start AR routers, however switches work without problems. Firewall is off and I run the app as adminitrator. Any suggestion…

    1. labnario Post author

      First install the newest version.
      Run Oracle VM Virtual Box manager as administrator.
      Start AR_Base (AR_Base_Link).
      Run eNSP as administrator.
      Then it should be OK.

  3. Jamie

    Hi Labnario,

    I have followed your instructions and I still cannot start the routers. As Gato said, the switches start fine, but not the routers. Windows firewall powered off, i start Virtualbox as admin, I start the virtual machine, and then start ENSP as admin and try to start a router, where I get the error after watching the router fail to start for around 30 seconds. Any advice would be appreciated.


    1. labnario Post author

      I don’t know which eNSP version you are using. If you do not have the newest version just download V100R002C00B120 version. I had such problems with B110 version. The newest version works without any problems but sometimes I have to start routers one by one. Sometimes there are problems with opening previous saved topologies, but when you are opening a new project everything works correctly. What I did with the newest version are:
      – I installed Virtual Box as administrator
      – I installed eNSP as administrator
      – Always open Virtual Box and eNSP as administrator
      – Start virtual machine
      – Wait 1 minut
      – Open routers one by one (only the first time, then you can open all at the same time)
      – Windows firewall must be OFF.
      I do not have any other clues. I use 32-bit Windows7.

      1. Jamie Thomas

        Hi Labnario,

        I’m using the latest version, I have followed your instructions and the routers still will not start. Any other ideas?

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