console cable for Huawei ATN950B

Huawei ATN950B routers are designed and intended for Metropolitan Area Networks. They are relatively new devices and often used in IP RAN solutions for 2G, 3G and LTE.

Huawei ATN950B appearance

But I would not like to describe this product. Let’s focus on console cable for ATN950B.

Let’s imagine you have such router, power it on and try to connect to console port. And … nothing …, no any prompt. A standard console cable, you used for NE40E or CX600, does not work.

Do not panic, do it yourself using standard console cable. How to do this? Look below:

Huawei ATN950B console cable


5 thoughts on “console cable for Huawei ATN950B

  1. Arkadiy

    Hi! I configured my Huawei ATN950B via console port, after this i can’t connect to it with my password.( Do you know how to reset device to factory default configuration?

    1. labnario Post author

      There are 2 ways. If you didn’t save the configuration after your changes, just power off and power on the router. Then the router will load the saved configuration (without your changes). The second way is to power off the router, then power on and type CTRL_B to go into BootRom menu. I’ve never used BootRom menu in ATN950B, but I think it is similar like CX600 or NE40E. From BootRom menu you should have possibility to reset console password or load the router with empty configuration. I don’t have ATN to check it. If there is a password needed to BootRom menu, try to use huawei. If you have any difficulties please let me know by email and I will try to help you.

      1. labnario Post author

        This is output of NE40E:
        * *
        * 8090 boot ROM, Ver 111.00 *
        * *

        Copyright 2001-2010 Huawei Tech. Co., Ltd.
        Creation date: Feb 21 2012, 17:08:51

        CPU type : MPC8548E

        Press Ctrl+B to enter Main Menu… 3

        You have 3 seconds to click Ctrl+B on your PC.

        Please reboot the router and log console screen. Then send it to me.

  2. Arkadiy

    I reboot router, after 3 minute i see this:

    line Con 1 is available…

    Recover configuration…OK!
    Press ENTER to get started.

    Login authentication
    Error: The password is invalid

    In the time while ATN loading i click CTRL+B.


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