Huawei eNSP – news

A new Huawei network simulator eNSP has been released.

You can download it clicking on the picture below:

Huawei Enterprise Network Simulation Platform eNSP

Anyway, the first version of Huawei eNSP was introduced one year ago. I would like to know your opinions about the simulator. What is your experience with it? Is it helpful of useless for you? Feel free to express you thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Huawei eNSP – news

  1. labnario Post author

    Someone should be the first to open discussion ;-) . Comparing to the first version, new versions work more stable but … I have still problems. I prepare topology, configuration, eveything works correctly and suddenly IGP is flapping, sometimes ping is OK sometimes not. The only way to solve it is to close eNSP and open it again.

  2. labnario Post author

    Another interesting case. I noticed that sometimes (I do not remember which command) IP address is displayed not correctly, for example instead of it is displyed (a small mistake ;)). Anyway I think that progress is observable. I am curious what your opinions are.

    1. piter_s

      Hi labnario,
      if you want to know my opinion, I can tell you, that Port Security feature works fine when using basic commands only. When I want to configure a sticky MAC, then nothing happens. Display command does not work, looks like this feature is disabled at all.

      1. labnario Post author

        Hi Piter
        The question is if you use a real device or eNsp. I tested it on S3300 switch. It looks like this feature is not fully implemented on eNsp. If you have possibility you can check it on a real switch. For sure it works.

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