I need your help

Starting two years ago with the belief that this blog will prove to be a hit ;-), two years later, I can say that I’ve met many friendly and hungry for knowledge people. I get compliments from you every day. Maybe it is not as popular as Cisco related blogs but I can see our community is growing by the day. You are this blog’s readers and without you this blog would make no sense. I would like to know your opinion in which direction we should go. Sometimes it would generate an additional cost that’s why I am asking you. Please answer the poll’s question and express your opinion. Your suggestions are very important to me and to our community.


2 thoughts on “I need your help

  1. Philippe

    Your blog is realy great !
    I’m a new IT in a school and new to huawei too.
    The school is equiped with 1 switch 6700 and 6 switch 5700.
    Actually the firewall is a PC (ipcop) and I would like to change.
    The company proposed 2 firewall Huawei USG5150 and USG5520 and I don’t know What would be the best solution for us ….
    Would you agree to help me ?
    I can send you, in private, the configuration of our network and what I want to do …

    Best regards
    Philippe Lemaire

    1. labnario Post author

      Sorry but plenty of things keeping me busy. I cannot focus only on my blog activities, even I would like to. I think the best solution is to ask the company you bought those devices from. Sorry once again.


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