Huawei eNSP – news

We have been waiting and finally we have a simulator of Huawei firewall USG5500. They also added WDS function of WLAN and a new simulation device of WLAN – AC6605.

I am just downloading the newest version…

For those who are interested I am sending a link to it:

Huawei eNSP simulator


3 thoughts on “Huawei eNSP – news

  1. david

    hello first of all I want to congratulate you for the excellent page, I follow almost daily, because I use a lot of equipment huawei.
    and wrote this question in the forum simulator ENSP however like you the way through if you can help me too
    is about the new version, in which the firewall does not work me, I returned the error

    ENSP stop working

      1. labnario Post author

        I have just checked the new eNSP with firewall. It works correctly. No error is displayed. Open Virtual Box and eNSP as administrator. Maybe this is the problem. Check also if Windows firewall is closed on you PC.

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