indoor and outdoor Huawei ATN905

As you know I try to avoid products descriptions here, on this blog. But last time I had possibility to see ATN905 boxes, available in the indoor and outdoor types. You can install them in various environment. The application scenarios of ATN905 are divided into the small-cell base station bearer scenario and the Ethernet demarcation device (EDD) scenario.

Let’s look at the pictures of the two types of this router:

Huawei Indoor ATN905 pictureHuawei Outdoor ATN905Outdoor ATN905 can be wall and pole mounted. Indoor ATN905 can be installed in outside premises, street cabinets, indoor cabinets or just on a desk.

And the next interesting box:

Huawei cabinet

The APM30H is an outdoor cabinet with heat exchangers. It supports AC power supply and DC power distribution, and can provide a 7 U installation space for user devices.

I allowed myself to place pictures from Huawei ATN905 documentation in this post.

Download as PDF


3 thoughts on “indoor and outdoor Huawei ATN905

      1. labnario Post author

        I cannot find any specifications that are available on-line for not registered users.. You can find them in product docs but available only for Huawei’s engineer, partners and customers.

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