Huawei eNSP – news

Modified features:

  • Fixed incorrect VRRP state of Switch while using MD5 authentication mode.
  • Fixed loopback detection problem of Switch.
  • Fixed IPSEC issue of AR while using ah-esp or esp protocol if no authentication mode is on.
  • Fixed policy router+NAT issue of AR.
  • Enhanced eNSP Client stability.

A new Huawei eNSP has been released:

Huawei eNSP


2 thoughts on “Huawei eNSP – news

    1. labnario Post author

      I only checked IP FRR and VPN FRR and they work correctly. You have all commands, display commands show that FRR works. But I cannot any difference in switching time, with and without FRR. I think that LDP and TE FRR should also work but haven’t had time to check them yet.


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