About the Author

Who is Mariusz Stola?

Mariusz Stola - Datacom Engineer at Huawei


Graduate of Military University of Technology in Warsaw  –  Electronics Faculty

Former officer in Polish Army – 2 years

Former Network Engineer in national Polish Telecom TPSA (FT Group) – Maintenance    Department – 3 years

Currently Datacom Engineer at Huawei Poland – since 2005


Husband of my wife and father of my son and daughter

Admirer of martial arts and combat systems – Taekwondo and Krav Maga

Enthusiast of windsurfing in Croatia

What is this blog for?

Not to persuade you to use Huawei’s equipment but to show you an alternative for other vendors

To share my knowledge about datacom technology with people who are looking for it

Any questions or suggestions? I am available by email: mariusz.stola@labnario.com.

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All posts published in this blog are my own opinion and cannot be identified with my employer