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General information about labnario and huawei

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it is time to close this blog!

The time has come to move the blog to a new platform. domain will be moved to a new (this time) Joomla template. I am not going to close the old blog. It will still be available on but there won’t be any activities there. New posts will only be published on the new blog. For this reason can be unavailable for the next few days. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you will like the new design of labnario blog. See you soon on the new LABNARIO.

changes in labnario blog

Regular readers no doubt have noticed that I haven’t posted as ofter as you expected in the past few months. I’ve been pretty busy with the work and home projects. But the last few months is not wasted time. Good news though: a new labnario blog design is almost ready to be open. I am still working on some details. I will inform you and introduce the new labnario blog soon. As you are this blog’s readers, your opinion is very important for me. Please look on the screen today and tell me your opinion. I’am looking forward to receive your feedback.

new design of labnario blog

Huawei eNSP – news

Modified features:

  • Fixed incorrect VRRP state of Switch while using MD5 authentication mode.
  • Fixed loopback detection problem of Switch.
  • Fixed IPSEC issue of AR while using ah-esp or esp protocol if no authentication mode is on.
  • Fixed policy router+NAT issue of AR.
  • Enhanced eNSP Client stability.

A new Huawei eNSP has been released:

Huawei eNSP

source interfaces for management communication

As you know, configuring management services on Huawei devices, you can add source interface or IP address for transmitting packets. This is an optional configuration. Below you can find configuration syntax for source interfaces in management communication. If you find out that anything else should be added to this list, just let me know.

Info-center source:

[labnario]info-center loghost source ?
  Aux              AUX interface
  Eth-Trunk        Ethernet Trunk interface
  GigabitEthernet  GigabitEthernet interface
  LoopBack         LoopBack interface
  NULL             NULL interface
  Pos              POS interface

Radius server source:

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