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Huawei eNSP – news

Modified features:

  • Fixed incorrect VRRP state of Switch while using MD5 authentication mode.
  • Fixed loopback detection problem of Switch.
  • Fixed IPSEC issue of AR while using ah-esp or esp protocol if no authentication mode is on.
  • Fixed policy router+NAT issue of AR.
  • Enhanced eNSP Client stability.

A new Huawei eNSP has been released:

Huawei eNSP


Huawei eNSP – news

A new Huawei eNSP has been released.

Huawei eNSP simulatorBased on the release notes:

    • Added AC/AP/STA simulators.
    • WLAN devices support the following features: L2/L3 networking, inline/bypass mode, direct forwarding/tunnel forwarding (supported by IPv4); static and dynamic Option 43; MAC address or SN based authentication or non-authentication; the AC delivers configurations to APs; WEP, WPA-PSK, and WPA2-PSK authentication; 802.1x access authentication for WPA/WPA2; data encryption not supported; dual link backup; L2/L3 roaming; simulate APs to provide 2.4G or 5G signals; simulate STAs to connect to APs.
    • The AR further supports the following features: IPv6 transition; DHCPv6; NetStream.
    • Added router of eNSP 1.0.

Download it and enjoy!

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from Huawei command line – “arp-ping”

I have never used it but it looks interesting. Arp-ping lets us to check whether a specified IP address or MAC address is being used in a LAN. Intrigued, I opened Huawei eNSP simulator to check this feature. Results are not fully satisfied. As arp-ping IP works correctly, I cannot say the same about arp-ping MAC. There are some problems with communication between router and hosts. It looks like router does not receive ICMP Echo Reply packets from hosts in the LAN. I checked the same between router and switch “labnario_SW2”. Results look promising. Let’s pass on to the lab.

ARP-ping topology

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huawei eNSP – news

We have waited for a new version of Huawei eNSP simulator since February 1st, 2013.

And we have finally got it.

Quite new and fresh V100R002C00B110 version.

New look … new devices … new connections …

Huawei eNSP simulatorPossibility to add interface cards in a graphic way …

Huawei eNSP simulator - router viewOne button to open all command lines …

New features supported: NAT, firewall, IPSec, SSLVPN etc.

Just click on the first picture and download it.