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Huawei eNSP – news

Modified features:

  • Fixed incorrect VRRP state of Switch while using MD5 authentication mode.
  • Fixed loopback detection problem of Switch.
  • Fixed IPSEC issue of AR while using ah-esp or esp protocol if no authentication mode is on.
  • Fixed policy router+NAT issue of AR.
  • Enhanced eNSP Client stability.

A new Huawei eNSP has been released:

Huawei eNSP


Huawei eNSP – news

A new Huawei eNSP has been released.

Huawei eNSP simulatorBased on the release notes:

    • Added AC/AP/STA simulators.
    • WLAN devices support the following features: L2/L3 networking, inline/bypass mode, direct forwarding/tunnel forwarding (supported by IPv4); static and dynamic Option 43; MAC address or SN based authentication or non-authentication; the AC delivers configurations to APs; WEP, WPA-PSK, and WPA2-PSK authentication; 802.1x access authentication for WPA/WPA2; data encryption not supported; dual link backup; L2/L3 roaming; simulate APs to provide 2.4G or 5G signals; simulate STAs to connect to APs.
    • The AR further supports the following features: IPv6 transition; DHCPv6; NetStream.
    • Added router of eNSP 1.0.

Download it and enjoy!

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huawei eNSP – news

We have waited for a new version of Huawei eNSP simulator since February 1st, 2013.

And we have finally got it.

Quite new and fresh V100R002C00B110 version.

New look … new devices … new connections …

Huawei eNSP simulatorPossibility to add interface cards in a graphic way …

Huawei eNSP simulator - router viewOne button to open all command lines …

New features supported: NAT, firewall, IPSec, SSLVPN etc.

Just click on the first picture and download it.


huawei simulator eNSP – news

A new version of Huawei eNSP has been released.


new version of huawei eNSP


What’s new in V100R001C00B210 version?

Based on a release notes for the newest eNSP:

  1. Added IPSec protocol control plane to AR router.
  2. Added SSLVPN feature to AR router.
  3. Added function of sending UDP data stream to simulate PC
  4. Added the function of capturing data on Cloud, FRS, HUB and PC.
  5. Added a function of opening UDP ports of Cloud.
  6. Improved functions of router’s AAA, DHCP and DNS.

Besides these new functions, some functionalities have been modified. I noticed myself, during post preparation, that some Frame Relay not stable work has been improved :).

This article soon on the blog.